Oil Change

For some drivers, performance is everything.  For others a safe and reliable means of transportation is necessary. In either category in which you fall in engine oil life is key. Think of your body running without oxygen. It will be quick to shutdown. Same with your vehicle the engine oil in your vehicle is its life. We offer all weights and types of oils for your vehicle. We offer conventional oil, synthetic blend, and full synthetic. All weights are stocked from 0w20 to 15w40. We ensure to stock all oils for any of your vehicles needs. The important part is to keep your vehicles alive and performing well. Give us a call together we can keep your vehicles running forever.

Tires Suspension, Alignment, and Brakes

No one likes the feeling of loose steering or worn suspension. Not only is it scary at times having the vehicle steer without control, but feeling the bumpy roads of Sacramento can get a bit annoying. We provide free brake and suspension checks. We will inspect for worn suspension parts, worn shocks that can cause abnormal tire wear. We provide precise brake inspection by properly measuring brake thickness and checking operation of hydraulics. Let our ASE certified technicians take a proper and accurate look at your suspension, brakes and tires. We ensure your vehicle is in the best hands.

Hybrid Service Vehicle fluid exchanges

With most cars going Electric and Hybrid we have expanded our technology to help service your new fuel efficient models. We are open to all make and models of hybrid vehicles for repair and any maintenance.

Diagnostics and Electrical Repair

Constantly we have vehicles coming in that have not been properly diagnosed. We ensure to provide you with a full diagnostic sheet informing you step by step on our journey to diagnose your vehicle. We have purchased the best diagnostic equipment to ensure we can diagnose almost any problem that comes our way, and simply if we cant diagnose it we don't charge. Unlike the dealers and many other shops we are also experienced and well prepared to take on electrical jobs that others wont. Next time your check engine light comes on keep us in mind, and let us give you a hand.

Dealer Service ​and Pre-purchase inspections

Save money and time. We provide all the dealer services that any dealer offers , 30k 60k 90k 120k. We also use dealer parts upon request, so save the time of scheduling an appointment two weeks away from the day you are looking for. Also save money, we can provide the same service at a much cheaper price, like I always mention we are here to serve our community. If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle give us a call let us help you do a full inspection bumper to bumper to ensure you are purchasing a safe vehicle for you and your family.